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Steampunky Orient Express

Just finished watching Kenneth Branagh's version of Murder on the Orient Express. 

Well done. 

Most of the credit goes to Dame Agatha, of course, but Branagh's version is very 'atmospheric', and to my mind, sorta Steampunky. The star there, of course, is the train, the costumes, the time frame (1930-something). 

The train looks unusually wide, but I didn't mind. The train stations looked fabulous, like places you'd love to go, and take a train to anywhere. 

You can look lots of places for reviews of the movie itself, (including this one featuring the amazing Hercule Poirot mustache!). I thought this version featured a lot more action/adventure than the cerebral Poirot would normally suggest, but all in fun.

Look for it on the various platforms. It's worth it.


Looting and Fire

“The real problem for God’s people, therefore, is not their captivity in Babylon, but their disobedience to God. That is what they do not understand.” – ESV Study Bible, comment on Isa. 42:23-25

23  Who among you will give ear to this,

will attend and listen for the time to come?

24  Who gave up Jacob to the looter,

and Israel to the plunderers?

Was it not the LORD, against whom we have sinned,

in whose ways they would not walk,

and whose law they would not obey?

25  So he poured on him the heat of his anger

and the might of battle;

it set him on fire all around, but he did not understand;

it burned him up, but he did not take it to heart.

The Mind Virus - Media-20


Some scientists are warning of a deadly, highly infectious disease that seems to be worse than Covid-19. Labeled “Media-20”, this virus rots the brain first, and then often causes the victim to do stupid things that destroy their body, like violently resisting arrest, or starting fights with real men.

Vectors for the disease are everywhere, and, shockingly, many victims knowingly expose themselves to them, despite widespread warnings. Wearing a mask outdoors, for example, seems to increase the IQ-destroying power of this evil virus. But many cable “news” channels (CNN, MSNBC) are thick with putrid spores. Universities are known heavy contagion spots.

Among the most contagious rotting corpses of this disease are Twitter, where one stupid, idiotic pile of vomit can instantly spread the brain rot to thousands, or millions, in seconds. Stay clear of Twitter.

Some people actually get deadly variants of the virus delivered to them, in the form of what used to be called newspapers, labeled by scientists as the ‘Washington Compost’ and the New York and Los Angeles ‘Slimes’. 

Those who have studied the disease say it usually starts with the injection of fear directly into the lily-livers of its victims. Those infected usually can not see things right in front of their eyes. A prominent side effect is the total loss of a sense of humor. Disorientation and loss of perspective is a good indicator as sufferers will sometimes focus on trivial things, like Hawaiian shirts, instead of more important things. Paranoia is found in nearly 100% of those infected, as they feel everyone is out to get them or has already victimized them.

Some survivors have been reported. They report recovery by a treatment of fresh air, hard work and avoidance of the carriers mentioned above.

And again, some people seem to be highly resistant. These people are thought to have activated the ‘God-fearing gene’ that is present in all humans.  

Protect yourself by activating that gene, avoiding or eliminating the known contagion spots, and rejecting silly fears.

Keep socially distant from Media-20.