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Steampunky Orient Express

Just finished watching Kenneth Branagh's version of Murder on the Orient Express. 

Well done. 

Most of the credit goes to Dame Agatha, of course, but Branagh's version is very 'atmospheric', and to my mind, sorta Steampunky. The star there, of course, is the train, the costumes, the time frame (1930-something). 

The train looks unusually wide, but I didn't mind. The train stations looked fabulous, like places you'd love to go, and take a train to anywhere. 

You can look lots of places for reviews of the movie itself, (including this one featuring the amazing Hercule Poirot mustache!). I thought this version featured a lot more action/adventure than the cerebral Poirot would normally suggest, but all in fun.

Look for it on the various platforms. It's worth it.



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