The Essential Dilemma
Did you ever wonder how God feels about the election?

Now Available! - Sea Lanes

A new book, part of the 'it never happened' collection. 

Another set of short stories, vignettes, scenes, fluff and puff.

Including "Museum Day"

    She’d told the kids to use their inside voices while they were on Museum Day, but she knew that was going to be a somewhat relative thing. The hardwood floors drummed with every step, rustling jackets and backpacks, even the kids’ stage whispers bounced off wooden walls and the high ceiling. That was okay, they were kids, it was their job to be excited.

    Miss Barker held up her hands. “This way, everyone,” she said, walking backward like a regular tour guide. She stopped beside a skeleton they hadn’t seen yet.

    “Who can tell me what this is?” (She had been careful to place her bag over the plaque, but she was pretty sure they could figure it out.)

    Sure enough, the puzzled looks quickly faded. Several kids shouted at the same time, “Pterosaur!”

    She smiled, though she also put a finger to her lips – not so loud!

    “Yes,” she said, “and who remembers what we said about Pterosaurs in class?”

    They paused a bit on that, trying to remember. Shawna’s eyes lit up first and her hand shot up.

    As Miss Barker nodded and listened to Shawna’s correct answer, Barker also caught a quick look at Shawna’s mom, Bayel, grinning proudly. Good, she thought to herself. You should be proud of your daughter, she’s a very bright little girl.

    They did a little circuit around the room once before she gathered them at one end. “Okay, we’re going to break up into three groups. Each group will pick a dinosaur and I want you to draw a picture of it and write down something interesting about it.”

    “Should we draw them with skin on?” Tony asked, to a little chorus of giggles.


Available in Kindle or paperback format on Amazon.


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