Anybody know where Mulligan's Valley is?

Reading: The Idol of Our Age

A book by Daniel J. Mahoney, subtitled "How the Religion of Humanity Subverts Christianity".


The humanitarian lie is in important respects less horrifying than the totalitarian one, but it is rooted in the same contempt for the political nature of man and the same ignorance of the human soul


But this reduction of charity ... to compassion and fellow-feeling ignores the fact that genuine love of one's neighbor is only possible because one discerns in him or her 'the image of God'.


Evil can ensconce itself in the very substance of the good, leading to profound spiritual, theological, moral, and political corruption, through a terrible, demonic or satanic falsification of the good. This is the most insidious path that evil can take, since it insinuates evil in the very heart of goodness. It thus poses a grave temptation for Christians and all men of good will.


Why, then, is Solzhenitsyn so hard on the pacifistic distortion of Christianity? Because evil is real, rooted in fallen human nature, and must be resisted if the things of the soul are to be preserved.


It's a tough-minded reflection by a Christian who knows that difficult choices have to be made in this imperfect world.


The beginning of wisdom is to know men are not gods.


Mahoney writes from a Catholic perspective, but is critical of the current pope, Francis, and few protestants would object to his characterization of the Christian Church and church tradition. The quotes above are the concepts I liked.

A bit heady, but IMHO I'd give it an overall grade of "B".



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