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A Message to the Cabinet - re. 25th Amendment

Edith Alberta Burke

Edith Burke

From the website, a picture of a very unknown soldier, Miss Edith Alberta Burke, a missionary in China, Egypt and Sudan.

The website notes “Khartoum has a Commonwealth War Graves cemetery, as well as a civilian one. Here, the tombstone of one very late missionary, part of an army not well regarded nowadays but perhaps overdue for a reappraisal."

(Edith Alberta Burke – missionary – China, Egypt, Sudan, 1871 to Sept 27, 1964)


Miss Burke died at the age of 93, and, despite lots of research, I’ve not been able to find out anything about her.

But that same day, the Warren Commission issued its report saying that President John F. Kennedy was killed by one man, Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Viet Nam continued. On Sept 27, a raid rescued 60 Vietnamese hostages.

The day before (Sept.26) Gilligan’s Island had premiered.

The day after her death, Harpo Marx died.

Which event do you think registered more attention in Heaven?


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