Edith Alberta Burke
Mary's Song, by Luci Shaw

A Message to the Cabinet - re. 25th Amendment

Stop pretending. Stop hiding. We the people are in grave danger. We don't even know who's really running the Executive Branch of the government - certainly not someone who was elected.

Remember this line, spoken to Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger?

"You took an oath, and I don't mean to the National Security Advisor of the United States, I mean to his boss, and I don't mean to the President, you gave your word to his boss, you gave your word to the People of the United States...your word is who you are."



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So true!! I read also read a bunch of your other posts, Bob, and felt like I'd gone down an enlightened rabbit hole! Too many thoughts to type them all... the excerpt of The Word of the Bedlamite--it seems to be errily prescient. So many books...so little time... :-)

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