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Bad PR

You're the President of the United States, and you schedule a talk to the nation for 10 am. But you delay.

The talking heads on the news channels then have time to criticize over and over and over what you are about to say. They show picture after picture of how bad things are. All these words and images are sinking into the expectant public before you even speak.

Good PR.
Within seconds of the scheduled time ("Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States"), start your speech. As soon as you are done, the people tune out and never hear a word of the negative press or see a single horrible image.

Today. Speech scheduled at 10. No sign of President at 10:28

(talking head just said last time, President was about 45 minutes late. Heads continue to criticize...)

(People start to wonder, is there something wrong with the President?)

10:41 People start to turn away, walk away from speech. Was that the intent all along? Did you (handlers) really not want anyone to hear the President speak?


10:48 "just got a two minute warning from the White House"

10:50 He appears. Does anyone still care?


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